I know how it feels to hold a new baby and feel full of love, but overwhelmed with uncertainty, wondering “Am I doing this right?.” I work with you to help alleviate those feelings and replace them with empowerment and confidence in your ability to mother and breastfeed your baby.  

I am the grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren. When I am not supporting new mothers with breastfeeding and parenting, I am also a teacher and student coach for grades kindergarten through fifth. However, what I am most of all is a mother myself. I have raised six children to adulthood and have a teenager still in progress.  That’s seven children–all breastfed–including a set of twins.  

I have been involved with mothers and babies as a volunteer and a professional for more than thirty years. During those  years, I have helped many babies and mothers breastfeed. Breastfeeding is an important beginning for your baby’s health, but it is not always easy. My services include education and assistance with both general breastfeeding knowledge and overcoming challenges. 

In 1995, I passed a rigorous exam to become an IBCLC.  I re-certify by exam every five years and remain up to date on the most current information related to breastfeeding. To learn more about the requirements to become an IBCLC, check out www.iblce.org.

Motherhood is indeed a journey. The path is not always smooth and easy, and it helps to have gentle caring support as you travel along.  My personal experiences and my skills as an expert IBCLC make me uniquely qualified to guide new mothers and their babies on their journey together.  Being your lactation consultant is an honor and a pleasure.  

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